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TIoB The Nameless Pariah on Scratch
The Nameless Pariah is one of many outcasted members of K'hzaal society, who had been kicked out of his tribe and stripped of their name for his dangerous knowledge of the outside world, something he gained from stealing technology from man and anthro alike in their trips to the Isles before his exile. Living alone, he has frequent territorial disputes with the Blood Cult, as well as the numerous Nightmares, Reapers and Boreas notuses, as well as the occasional Thanatos, creatures that invaded The Isles after a ritual enacted in a land far away from his homeland known as R'lyeh during the 1940s, in the waning years of the infamous Second World War. As for his bandages, he uses those as both notes for his journal, as well as dressings for wounds, something no other K'hzaal has yet mastered, aside from some high priests in the Blood Cult. Aside from this, he's still an average K'hzaal, albeit one that has advanced beyond his former peers in intellect and insight into the outside world...
TIoB: The Forest
A short story about the life of a K'hzaal from The Isles of Billy, a group created by :iconrickwhitetiger:

(The K'hzaal belongs to :iconmynameisnotdave23: and nobody else, while the quill throwing bird-bug belongs to :iconrickwhitetiger:)
TIoB: Beelzebub, Lord of The Depths
In the darkest reaches of The Depths, many eldritch animals live in a precarious, dark ecosystem ruled by a lone Neptune, alongside two Demon-tier beasts: The Leviathan, a giant fish that resembles a pike crossed with a snake, and the Beelzebub, an arthropod that convergently evolved to resemble a gigantic eel. These creatures are unique for their exoskeletons, which have two layers: The first layer resembles normal, bare skin and is highly flexible, while the other layer is hard and serves to protect their backs from harm. They also have highly atrophied back legs, which have become flippers, while their two front pairs have become scythes, which are used for steering in the water and holding prey items while they eat. One unique feature that is found exclusively in this species of arthropod only is their non-existent antennae, which have become spread out radar dishes on their head, used for picking up sound in their environment. They can usually be found swimming around the lone Neptune, protecting them from parasites, rival Neptunes, and Leviathans that invade from the brackish surface. As for their intelligence, it is comparable to that of a fifteen-year-old teenager, being highly intelligent but also being prone to harsh judgement and brash action. Because of these facts, it's no wonder why they are considered to be worthy of their title.
TIoB: Wooly Boomer
The Wooly Boomer is a species of large, herbivorous, bird, hr] resembling the extinct Gastornis. They are named for their loud, booming calls that can be heard from immense distances away, which are used for attracting mates and defending their territory. They live on the slopes of mountains and temperate forests where they use their giant nut-cracking (or possibly bone-crunching) bills to uproot plants or crack nuts. They live in small flocks and posses a pouch where they keep their large eggs and chicks to protect them from the cold. They do not have many predators due to their size, but they are however hunted by Boreas notus. (Originally created by :iconmynameisnotdave23:)
TKC: Our Champion
Out of all the figures in the known Realm of Light, 'Our Champion' is the most enigmatic. Hailing from a planet known simply as 'Rochester', he was first born 195 million years before our common era, hailing from that planet's dominant race known as the Revanchists, a race of proud warriors, scholars, and priests, dedicated to destroying the dark embers of the War of Revelation that fell onto their world. While some fell and became cultists of Bagan, the majority clung to their light, building technology designed for containing and destroying this invading primordial sludge. His story was a relatively typical one for his race: He was born to two parents, fought to become the best of the best and became a warrior, wielding a sword and gun designed for annihilating the creatures spawned from the dark remnants of Bagan. Around 70 million years ago, he fought the entity now known as Jabberwocky, effortlessly trouncing them in combat before their opponent fled. Sometime during the Miocene, he fought with the dragon again, this time on much more even ground, being roasted by their enemy's furnace and emerging unscathed. It was at this time that they gave the dragon the title of 'Jabberwocky', which was the name of a highly respected saurian drake that roamed the borders of the dark embers that had long ago dug their roots into their planet. At an undetermined date, he was chosen to become Emperor, uploading himself into the traditional cybernetic body armor that had been built during Earth's carboniferous era. For the next few million years, he waged war on the Darkness until the 18th of June, 1866, Jabberwocky had returned, seeking to upgrade himself and elevate themselves to Ghidorah 2814's position. The champion complied, giving them the best weaponry their forges could build, as well as new technology created from the blood of the Zhanglao of Light that had long since congealed and became a material akin to sapphires, such as the Erementaru's blue gem on their helmet and the fuel for their thrusters. After their departure, they continued their campaign against the dark, burning through great swathes of the corruption on their borders but never truly managing to get rid of their problematic enemy until Bagan awoke from their slumber in 2007. For now, they now rule in peacetime, currently wishing for a cause to fight for and a threat to remove... Something that will happen when the second War of Revelation begins.
Long ago, In a world not too similar to ours, there lived two great world powers: The democratic Eagles, and the Wolf monarchy. The Eagles ruled the south of this world, where there were massive redwoods to roost in, gigantic lakes filled to their brims with massive fish, and tall cliffs for the Eagle congress. The Wolves ruled in a similar forest, except instead of lakes, there were plains with gigantic caribou, moose, and big horned sheep. Two massive mountains separated the two kingdoms, and the continent itself was 150 meters over sea level, where a massive ocean layed, which neither Eagle nor Wolf bothered to explore. The ocean was a place of anarchy, and the rulers of the ocean had not revealed themselves to the world of order. Peace and Prosperity were present in both kingdoms, and no war had been waged in 650 million years, such was the extent of this peace. But like all great empires, they would always become corrupted, and, after the discovery of an ancient superweapon created by an unknown race of aliens, The peace began to wane. The super-weapon had only been discovered recently, and was simply called: "The Maw." The Wolves and Eagles were in a political debate over what to do with this machine... Until one fateful night. Two individuals named Haquihana and Aquilla  were chosen from the two kingdoms, and were sent into the center of "The Maw." What they saw was too complicated to put into words, and after showing the science team there what they saw, they too were shocked by their findings. Thus began debates of whether to destroy The Maw, ending the threat of fights over it, or to repair and upgrade it and use it to destroy anyone that disagreed with the kingdom holding it. The Eagles chose not to repair it, and attempted to damage it beyond repair using their technology, while the  Wolves defended the repairers of The Maw with their far more powerful technology. In the end, the Wolves were successful. Twenty years passed, and talks of signing a treaty to restore peace were made, with Aquilla and Haquihana to sign their sides of the treaty. However, the treaty was rigged, and gave the Wolves more power than the Eagles. Aquila, after more than 5 years of being treated as garbage by the wolves, decided to sabotage The Maw, now known as The Destroyer. Aquila was caught by Haquihana, and after numerous attempts to reason with the now power mad Wolf he once called friend, he was forced into a fight with him, and had been torn apart by Haquihana. Aquila soon healed himself with ancient magic, and kicked Haquihana into The Destroyer's magazine, where he was fired out to the ocean. Aquila, who realized he had sent his friend to drown in the ocean, attempted to summon him back to The Destroyer, but was too far away for the spell to work. Aquila decided to give Haquihana a second chance, and turned him into the first Orca. Aquila soon decided that his former friend Haquihana was lonely, and turned the other wolves at The Destroyer into Orcas, and sent them to the ocean as well. Aquila, sad that he never got to say goodbye, went back to the eagles, and left The Destroyer to the Wolves. 

The End


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